There will come a time when fifty percent of the US workforce will be engaged as contingent professionals. For the sake of conversation, we suggest you call this eventuality workforce50/50. A lot of very serious people think that this will happen by 2028 unless there some economic shock like a recession. If that happens then, workforce50/50 will arrive sooner.

Workforce50/50 started as a conversation between members of the makerspace development community and I. We started talking about what needs to change in order to address the concerns of contingent works. We also discussed the lack of data that are available to adequately track what’s going on with these people.

You could make the case that the final stage of the transformation has begun. We’ve started to see the growth in the number of contingent professionals entering the gig economy. For the record, contingent professionals are highly skilled individuals who formally held salaried positions.

Zachary Alexander

Enterprise Architect at Workforce50/50